The Best Time To Visit Seattle, WA 98118

The best time to visit Seattle is in June, July and August because of the dry and warm weather. The sky remains mostly clear in the summer. Hence, the magnificent views of the city can be observed. However, it’s difficult to determine in which month the summer comes every year. Sometimes, the summer lasts from May to October. Thus, it will be better to check the weather forecast before planning a trip to this city. 

Most of the festivals and events in Seattle occur during the Fall, Spring and Summer. However, summer takes the lead when it comes to festivals. Let’s have a look at the months which are full of events and activities. 


January is one of the finest months of the year in Seattle. Though it remains wet outside, you can enjoy delicious food at the restaurants at a very cheap price. Usually, people don’t prefer to visit the city in winter due to its unpleasant weather. Since this is like an off-season, visiting the city would be cheaper, just like the restaurants. 


July is probably the best month to visit the city when the weather remains dry and warm. Most people come to visit Seattle this month. So, it is obvious that the city will be crowded. You will have to stand in the queues to visit major attractions. However, most of the sites are open spaces, so lines aren’t a problem. Moreover, the sky remains clear, which is very important to get beautiful views of the city. Major events such as the Seafair and The Bite of Seattle are organized during this month. The Seafair Festival includes many street festivals and parties that take place throughout July and August. 

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